Residential Salt Chlorinators, Mineral Oxygen and UV systems

The simplest and most convenient way to keep your pool healthy is with automatic saltwater chlorination. All our machines are manufactured and designed in Australia to the strictest of quality standards. Durable and robust their cleaning performance is second to none. Purapool’s residential chlorinators and Mineral Oxygen Systems greatly reduce the effort and chemicals required to maintain and keep your pool looking clear and sparkling every day!


Pristine water.

Our top selling workhorse, Purachlor BLU generates chlorine automatically leaving your pool clean and healthy.
Enjoy sparkling clear, germ and bacteria free water.


Super low salt.
Purachlor® ECO

Purachlor ECO generates chlorine automatically leaving your pool clean and healthy. Now using 50% less salt with the same reliable cleaning power.


Big pools or high bather load.
Purachlor® GOLD

High performance water treatment for extra large pool volumes or busy pools. Purachlor GOLD generates chlorine automatically leaving your pool clean and healthy.  Now with platinum grade E-cell.


Pure and natural,
OXYGEN Minerale.

Imagine your pool as nature had intended, No chlorine smell or taste. No sore eyes or irritated skin. Pure Natural water. Enjoy your Pool or Spa without the potential health risks associated with harsh chemicals.


Added ultraviolet protection.

All the benefits of Oxygen Minerale plus UV protection.  This Wonder unit also has a one touch Low Salt Mode for automatic chlorination. Perfect for pools with multi speed pumps or low circulation areas.


Still going strong,
Purapool® CLASSIC.

Our ever popular Classic series of Saltwater Chorinators and Active Oxygen Mineral Systems. Enjoy a safe, clean and clear swimming experience.


Powerful premium sanitation.
Purapool® RESORT Series

Unparalleled in reliability our commercial range is simply the best in its class. Powering high bather load Water parks, Resort pools and Sports Centres all over the globe.


Pure and Natural.

Sourced from the Himalayas, our pure and unpolluted rock salts contain 84 beneficial elements and minerals to help create a healthy balance in your body. For use with our full range of Active OXYGEN Systems.