Our ever popular Classic!
Purachlor® SALSM

Purachlor SALSM Classic generates chlorine automatically leaving your pool clean and healthy. A true Workhorse ! Enjoy a safe, clean and clear swimming experience. Easy to set and operate, energy efficient, surge resistant and ultra reliable.  This amazing self cleaning unit also has a cover/ indoor mode!


An enhanced bathing experience!

Imagine your pool as nature had intended, No chlorine smell or taste. No sore eyes or irritated skin. Pure Natural water. OXY MINERALE uses low levels of Himalayan mineral salts and a patented electrolysis process to generate ‘active oxygen’, a highly efficient and non-toxic sanitizing agent.


Sit back and watch the magic!

No more adding liquid chlorine to your pool. The popular Purachlor WATER WIZARD multipurpose convection system can be used on all types of existing above ground or in-ground swimming pools. A breeze to set and operate, power surge resistant and self-cleaning!


Eco freindly and economical.
Purachlor® PURE GM

Purachlor PURE GM Uses current switch mode power supply technology coupled with Purapool’s own Phase Reduction system. Just set and forget!


Half the Salt!
Purachlor® SAL-ECO

With half the amount of salt, Purachlor SAL-ECO makes an even more environmentally friendly sanitation solution! Easily installed on standard filtration systems. For new construction and existing pools.