Purapool®, a global innovator in water treatment.

Employing the latest technology, Purapool manufactures high quality products and premium grade components. We are leaders in the development of Active Oxygen sanitation systems with over 25 years hands on industry experience.

Manufacturing the highest quality Salt chlorinators, Commercial salt chlorinators, Semi commercial salt chlorinators, Mineral chlorinators, Mineral oxygen systems, Eco friendly low salt chlorinators for large resort pools, hotel pools, waterparks, wastewater projects and household swimming pools worldwide.

Pristine water quality for the swimming pool industry.


Purapool® crafting new water treatment solutions.

Designed and engineered in Australia, we manufacture a range of purification systems for commercial and domestic use. We offer a complete range of automatic chlorination machines producing inline and onsite. From Saltwater chlorinators, Domestic chlorinators, Commercial chlorinators and Semi-commercial chlorinators for Resort pool chlorination, Hotel pool chlorination and household pools and spas.

Our products are proudly made in Australia to strict international standards, providing superior efficiency and reliability.

Our products are proudly made in Australia to strict international standards, providing superior efficiency and reliability.

Water sanitation large or small and dosing systems is our market worldwide. We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovative premium sanitation.

From spare parts to complete systems, we service every sector. PURAPOOL’s  commitment doesn’t end with the delivery of our products. We provide a proactive after sales service custom tailored to our clients needs.

All our products and components undergo rigorous field testing. PURAPOOL has created highly effective and energy efficient solutions to treat any kind of water.

Electronics and Membrane’s are inbuilt with a 40% upgrade delivering a truly robust end product that can withstand operator misuse. We offer our clients reliable and effective sanitation methods through extensive research in industrial applications and stringent testing of all our purification systems.


Powerful premium sanitation.
Purapool® RESORT Series.

Unparalleled in reliability our commercial range is simply the best in its class. Powering high bather load Water parks, Resort pools and Sports centers all over the globe.


Still going strong,
Purapool® GO CLASSIC Series.

Our ever popular GO Classic series of Saltwater Chlorinators. Enjoy a safe, clean and clear swimming experience.


Pure and Natural.

Sourced from the Himalayas, our pure and unpolluted rock salts contain 84 beneficial elements and minerals to help create a healthy balance in your body. For use with our full range of OXYGEN Systems.

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