First a quick word about us!
Purapool are Australia’s leading water purification specialists. We have 45 years experience in salt chlorination and oxygen based sanitation processes. Ground-breaking and unique, our patented Oxygen Minerale is a major development in purification technology.

No chlorine additive is required and it is extremely energy-efficient, meaning significant savings on power bills. Our Systems deliver an enhanced bathing experience due to low mineral salt levels in the pool water. Our Proven technology meets international standards and is already extensively used around the world.

PURAPOOL OXYGEN MINERALE systems oxidize water to produce;

OXYGEN MINERALE Fusion Anodox technology utilizes a combination of mixed  transition metals known as mixed metal oxide (MMO) electrodes to create Purapool’s own unique soft cell membrane. This entails fusing our patented metal blend onto a Titanium plate.  Our custom electronics, control software and power supplies are finely tuned to Mineral Salts. Oxygen O2, Ozone O3 and traces of Chlorine are produced in the process.

When making  Oxygen O2 and Ozone O3 electronically with our soft cell membrane it is referred to as ACTIVE OXYGEN or the “TRIATOMIC PROCESS”. This very powerful sanitation process of combining Oxygen and small amounts of Ozone is just like the cycle of water in nature.


Ozone O3 an unstable gas, has a short life span of about 20-90 minutes depending on the temperature. Oxygen in the form of Ozone molecules is a super powered sanitizer. When Ozone is exposed to sunlight, it eliminates nutrients that bacteria & algae feed on. Purapool’s process is unique as it produces the Oxygen and Ozone onsite and inline making it an extremely efficient, convenient and highly effective process. Activated oxygen is one of the safest, fastest and most powerful sanitizers in the world.

Active Oxygen H2O2 produced during this process in turn is also reduced to Hydroxyl radicals  OH which is a very powerful detergent. Scientists say that “Hydroxyl radicals are the DETERGENT of our atmosphere!”.