Purapool’s Commercial range of water sanitation and purification systems.

Purapool manufactures large Commercial salt chlorinators, Semi commercial salt chlorinators and domestic salt chlorinators for hotel pools, resort pools, and domestic household swimming pools. Our automatic commercial salt chlorinators are used by waterparks, swim centres and resorts in many countries around the world. Purapool also manufactures Commercial Mineral chlorinators and extremely low salt eco-friendly Commercial saline generators.


Producing Chlorine onsite and inline!
Purachlor® RESORT

Our systems are suitable for any water treatment installation that requires chlorine-dosing for sanitation. No longer add large quantities of liquid chlorine and save on storage & transport. Designed to be retrofitted into any pump room. NEVER ADD CHLORINE AGAIN! Save up to 80% of chemical costs over 5 years.. Keeps pool water sparkling clear and free of pathogens. Designed to be easily retrofitted into any existing pump room.